Advance Haircare System Through Nature and Science
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Lavigato. A haircare product founded in 2010. which is distributed through online platforms, Solaio SalonSpa and KL SOGO e-store Malaysia. Lavigato is developed focuses on quality, safe, productive, and affordable hair care products that achieve real results.  Therefore, it was developed with this intention and also respected for our environment by using the finest, high grade, and natural ingredients, which are imported from different countries such as USA, France, Italy, Denmark etc.  

Lavigato haircare is formulated from various herbs and concentrated together with its scientific synergistic effect from plant extracts, specially designed with SLES Free and Paraben Free to improve your hair scalp conditions and magnifying the beauty of your hair.
Lavigato  series of personalized haircare products suitable for salon spas as well as personal home therapy. Hair therapists in salonspa provide customized consultation including analyzing your hair and scalp to help you select the most suitable hair care series.
We believe healthy scalp is the root cause to grow healthy, smooth hair. Lavigato in SalonSpa and home brings in a relaxing ambience, take a break and pamper yourself experiencing the luxury Lavigato haircare series. 
Creating your well-being story, turning a new page in hair history with Lavigato